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CH Paragon's Pretty Girl Rocks

Dogue de Bordeaux Puppies for Sale

Pretty is my house dog - she is everything you are looking for in  a Bordeaux - she is a great gurad dog - no one comes in the house Uninvited or unanounced!! Pretty is loving and devoted and a perfect Momma Dog. She will even nurse the other puppies if you don’t stop her! She gets along well with others and never picks a fight. Pretty was 148 lbs. on the VET SCALE (not in my imagination) the day we ran her progesterone and bred her.  Unlike most kennel who THINK they own a 150 lb dog - I do! You are welcome to call and verify our dogs weights with our vets. (Next time anyone tells you their Bordeaux weights 150 bls Call their vet)!


Pretty - by my side - hard at work in the office late at night!

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