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Bullmastiff vs Bordeaux

Bordeaux puppies for sale

I get this question A LOT!! So after many years I decide to put my opinions in writing -

please understand these are simply my Opinions!!! The Bullmastiff and the Bordeaux are NOT the same Breed! They are two totally different dogs with very different character. 


This picture was taken in the winter of 2008...this is a young adult male Bullmastiff and adult female Bordeaux - best friends - Royal & Junie.


I raised the Bullmastiff for years (1999-2007) PuppyCreek’s Royal was the last Bullmastiff I ever bred - since 2007 I have only bred the Dogue de Bordeaux as they are, by far, my Favorite breed!


If I only owned ONE dog it would be a Bordeaux.

The Dogue de Bordeaux is the Perfect Guard Dog - a correct temperament is:

Friendly with Stangers but will attack your attacker.


Bordeaux’s are one of the oldest pure breed dogs in the world.

Bordeaux love to be with you - at all times!

Bordeaux only come in shades of Red - but can have a black mask.

Bordeaux's are super loyal and become most attached to their humans.

Bordeaux’s are more intelligent.

Bordeaux’s have more health concerns.

Bordeaux’s are more calm and laid back.

Bordeaux’s are WAY better in the house.

Bordeaux’s do well in the cold weather...enjoy the snow and rain.

Bordeaux’s are not big chewers or diggers.

Bordeaux are stubborn.

Bordeaux’s are not as dog aggressive.

Bordeaux’s love the water and will swim if taken swimming when they are pups.


Both are great with children WHEN RAISED WITH THEM and taught children are higher in the pack order.

Both are good with small dogs and cats WHEN RAISED WITH THEM! And NEVER allowed to chase them!

Both are classified as a “Working Dog” as a Guard Dog

Breed standard for size is the same in both breeds (one is not bigger than the other).

Both breeds can be dog aggressive (especially towards other dogs) if not well socialized (male or female). The un-neutered male Bordeaux Can NOT be expected to live "happy ever after" with another intact male. The Bordeaux is NOT NEARLY as dog aggressive!! I can walk 10 Bordeaux at one time – you can only walk ONE Bullmastiff off leash at one time!!

Both breeds….an un-neutered male will still be aggressive toward other male dogs even if socialized.


Bullmastiff’s do not/can NOT swim...their bodies are too heavy.

Bullmastiffs obey a command when given.

Bullmastiff’s were created in the 1800’s and are a relatively new breed. They are 60% English Mastiff & 40% Bulldog.

Bullmastiff’s are tougher/stronger than a Bordeaux.

Bullmastiffs are generally healthier.

Bullmastiff’s hate the cold and don't do well in extreme heat (do Not enjoy the rain!).


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